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HOPE Variable Screenprint, 18 of 28

HOPE Variable Screenprint, 18 of 28

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10x10 inches. Signed and numbered variable edition of 28. Screen printed by hand on thick, 100lb French Paper, Recycled White. Each print in this edition has a varied colorway - no two prints are colored alike.

Product Details:

Medium: 5-color screen print
Dimensions: 10" x 10"
Paper: 100 lb French Construction Paper, Recycled White
Shipping: Flat
Variable edition of 28
Color variant: 3124 (What's this?)
Signed and numbered by Robert Brochu, aka 8088y80y
Year: 2024

Comes with a Verisart Digital Certificate of Authenticity

Please thoroughly inspect the photo of the print before your purchase. The subtle imperfections that occur during the screenprinting process are part of the print's beauty and art. ALL SALES FINAL.

Printed in Portland, Maine, USA

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